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Irish Film Production



Set against the backdrop of the Celtic Tiger economy 'Headrush' is a quirky, contemporary, black caper / crime comedy about two young guys, Charlie and T-Bag, who hope to solve all their problems by working for a notorious Underworld Criminal, The Uncle.

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Breaking Boundaries

Breaking Boundaries

Take a group of part-time cricketers from a divided country, watch them cause the biggest underdog victory, have them questioned in a murder investigation and then discover peace has been brokered in their homeland. This amazing story is told through exclusive behinds the scenes footage.

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Zanzibar Showreel

Zanzibar Showreel

Ten years of award winning shorts.

Occi Versus the World

COMPLETED - See Features Version - Swansong: The Story of Occi Byrne

Occi Versus the World

Occi Versus the World

Having been born in secret in London because his mother Bridget is unmarried, Austin 'Occi' Byrne is brought back to Sligo, only for Bridget to be roundly rejected by her parents Michael and Theresa. After the Hickey brothers torment Occi by rolling him down a hill in an oil drum, causing him severe head injures, it is clear that Occi isn't mentally 'normal'. With the help of Father Queenan, Bridget and Occi manage to survive, ending up in a council house. But a tendency to lose his rag when provoked -culminating in a vicious attack on the woman at the social security office who has denied them money - lands Occi in a mental institution.

Here, Occi is looked after by Dr. Scalon and various male nurses, but suffers the guilt of leaving his mother behind to fend for herself. Under medication, Occi largely manages to keep on the straight and narrow, developing a gentle attachment to fellow inmate, MARY, and even keeping the peace when other inmates turn violent. However when Mary is raped by one of the other nurses, Occi loses control and has to be knocked out in order to save the rapist from being beaten to death. Eighteen months later, he's a shadow of former self, but when the institution is closed down, he is forced back into the real world. His mother dies shortly afterwards so to get out of Sligo, Occi joins the crew of a fishing boat. There again, after initially making a good friend in fellow sailor Lynch, he finds unable to control his rages; and when Lynch makes fun of him for being a 'bastard', Occi strangles him in the night and throws his body over-board.

Back in Sligo, Occi's mental health deteriorates even further, especially when Michael and Theresa finally try and take him back into her lives, and the net tightens around him for Lynch's disappearance. He thinks one day that he has found his father, a man who hung around Bridget's funeral and who repeatedly appears to him. But the man reveals that his real father is actually much closer to home. Occi confronts Michael, forcing him to admit that he is in fact Occi's father, having raped Bridget himself. However, despite all these traumas, Occi is able - with the help of Mary, whom he finds working in the dole office - to stands his ground against his grandparents and begin find the makings of an ordinary life.

  • Format: 35mm
  • Budget: €2 Mill
  • Developed by: Irish Film Board
  • Production Finance: Kinowelt, Irish Film Board
  • Genre: Drama
  • Sales Agent: Little Picture Company
  • Producers: Hermann Florin, Edwina Forkin, and Tom Maguire
  • Writer/Director: Conor McDermottroe
  • Cast: Susan Lynch, Tom Burke