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About Us

ZANZIBAR's aim is to produce quality, entertaining projects with a main principle focus on collaborating with emerging new and experienced talent who share the Zanzibar sense of enthusiasm, dedication and love of film. With a number of feature projects in development, the team is growing - the company’s Managing Director and Producer: Edwina Forkin (CEO, Executive Producer), Richard Scobie (Director and ScriptWriter), Iarlaith Forkin, Danny Brennan & Marie Caffrey (Short Films), Soraya Power (Marketing Cannes), Cashell Horgan (CEO Africa)

The Team

The People of Zanzibar Films

edwina portrait.jpg
Edwina Forkin
Iarlaith Forkin

Managing Director

Lorcan Kavanagh

Head of Development/Producer

brian rossney.jpg
Brian Rossney

VFX/ Immersive Technology Supervisor

Liam Beatty

Locations Manager/ Producer

Paddy McCarney

Locations Manager/ Producer

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